Get comfortable with being uncomfortable… then speak out

Watch #LuvvieAjayi – a professional troublemaker – show others how to overcome their fears. Fear is the gatekeeper of the status quo. Is there something happening in your world that you don’t think is right?  If yes, realise this: Your silence serves no-one.  

Speaking truth to power shouldn’t feel sacrificial, but it does. Do it anyway. Be the domino; the one who goes first… so that others go with you.  Be someone’s help… then you’ll get the help when you’re afraid and need to find your voice and power.  

People, companies, governments and other systems count on your silence to keep us exactly where we are.  In a world that wants us to whisper, choose to yell.

Try using Luvvie’s checkpoint before you yell out:

1. Did you mean it?  Make sure your heart’s in it.

2. Can you defend it?  Know the facts. Have the evidence. Build a case.

3. Can you say it with love?  Don’t harm. Do it to help.

Be like Luvvie – be the person who says what others are thinking, but don’t dare to say because they have a fit-in filter and a job to protect.

Also, read her book, I’m Judging You: The Do-Better Manual.


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