5D Development (Pty) Ltd provides these services to organisations and individuals:

Learning and development (L&D): From strategy to programme design and delivery, including:

  • Content development for face-to-face training as well as online training
  • Train-the-trainer sessions
  • Facilitation of workshops, coaching circles and team development processes
  • Learning integration
  • Coaching – individuals and teams
  • Mentoring

We focus mainly on:

  • Personal development through one-on-one coaching or coaching circles
  • Team development
  • Management development
  • Leadership development

We believe that people need to develop themselves and work towards personal mastery to be effective at home and at work.  In our view management as doing things right by the company‚Äôs standards, while leadership is about doing the right things.

Tracy Marais founded the company in 2016.  She’s an organisational development specialist and coach with 14 years experience in human resource development.  She’s dedicated to expanding the knowledge and effectiveness of people for:

  1. More successful organisational change and higher performance.
  2. More fulfilled lives at home and at work

She’s does these things by challenging people’s mental models and questioning the assumptions on which they make decisions.  Her favourite question is, “Why?”