Are We on the Brink of a Global Emotional Crisis?

Has the world gone mad?  Are you afraid of what might happen?  Understanding how our brains work will help us create a less polarised, more inclusive world where we ALL feel safer.

It’s not that hard, just start with these things:

  1. Sleep properly and for long enough
  2. Eat well and don’t starve your brain
  3. Breathe and stay in the present (just 12 minutes of mindfulness a day can help you to better regulate your emotions)
  4. Walk briskly because it’ll keep your brain healthy
  5. Immerse yourself in new experiences and observe to understand, not judge
  6. Watch your words; they change your brain – even self-talk matters
  7. Smile at strangers (even if you’re on the Tube or stuck in traffic)
  8. Be kind to everyone including yourself

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If you want more, please click on the link below:

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