Searching for love to escape yourself

Does your dating life – or just your life in general – feel like groundhog day (read: repetitive if you didn’t watch the tedious 1993 movie)?

Love, sex and dating are often venerated as ‘the ultimate goal of life’.  But how much of your quest for love is about avoiding being with yourself?  Real love is:

  1. Knowing yourself well enough to know what you will and won’t accept
  2. Finding someone who allows you to just BE, even on your worst days and in your most vulnerable moments. Beware of the doing trap. Being is much more revealing
  3. About authenticity – allowing yourself to be accepted by others as your WHOLE self – warts and all; make-up or no make-up; with career success or without… the list goes on.

Please contact Tracy Marais on if you’d like to know more about yourself and what your real values are. Tracy coaches people through these five big life questions:

  1. Who am I?  This is the self-acceptance question
  2. Who am I meant to be?  This is the possibilities question
  3. What are my non-negotiable?  This question explores your real values… the ones that drive your life
  4. What’s my plan of action?  This is the baby steps question
  5. What’s stopping me?  Here we explore your patterns and your immunity to change

Click on the link below to watch Hayley Quinn’s TED Talk if you’d like to hear what she says about the instant gratification of 21st Century dating:

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