What really motivates people to be honest in business?

It's people who make or break both reputations and profits. Hiring and people development practises matter. Values that are normalised by behaviour - wrong and right - matter too. A culture of integrity and ethical conduct isn't the words in a company's code of conduct; it's the sum of the behaviours of the individual employees and the collective.

Can Promotions Be Seen as an Endorsement of a Leader’s Dark Side?

According to Harvard Business Review, "Worryingly, leaders tend to do a poor job of evaluating their own dark sides, particularly as they gain power and move up the ranks. Some perceive their career advancement as an endorsement or encouragement of their bad habits. Eventually, however, those weaknesses may derail them, and perhaps their teams and … Continue reading Can Promotions Be Seen as an Endorsement of a Leader’s Dark Side?

It’s Hard Out There For a Bitch

Bitch: this word is a gut reaction arising from deeply engrained stereotypes. We all need to question that reaction a little bit more the next time we hear a crazy bitch narrative about women - whether at work, in politics, in entrepreneurship.  We even need question it's evil little sister: Bossy.  Bossy is the substitute … Continue reading It’s Hard Out There For a Bitch

How to Know When You’ve Found Your Path in Life

How do you know you're on the right path... in life, at work, in your relationships?  According to Caroline Myss, the answer is simple: you don't have to betray yourself. It takes mindfulness or conscious self-awareness to feel the discomfort of self-betrayal. In my work I notice too many people just numbing these uncomfortable feelings … Continue reading How to Know When You’ve Found Your Path in Life

Can Feedback Make Some Things Worse?

Here's an interesting article for coaches and managers responsible for holding people to a certain set of behavioural standards / values.  Feedback might make things worse, especially in cases where people are 'acting out'.  Mindful awareness is better. If you want more, please read the article by clicking on the link below: https://knowledge.insead.edu/blog/insead-blog/diffusing-unconscious-misbehaviour-in-the-workplace-6881